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Ten showings a day, without any handshakes.

Flip is the only all-in-one platform for filling vacancies while social distancing.

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Daniel V.
Systems Engineer
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  • Costs 4% of rent per unit

  • 10+ showings per day

  • Pre-screened applicants

  • Contactless move-ins


Traditional rental agent
  • Costs 8-12% of rent per unit

  • 2-3 showings per day

  • Waste time on unqualified leads

  • In-person walkthroughs

Better than making a new hire

Renters are twice as likely to lease if they can view the space solo. Combine that with our automated screening tech, and you'll fill more units faster without hiring a leasing agent or doing it all yourself.

How it works

Sit back while we market, show and fill your vacancy.


We show your vacancy

Contactless viewings allow renters to take a tour privately on their own schedules, while you focus on other things.

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Contactless viewings

Don't worry about managing public health risks. Renters can take physical tours of each unit while social distancing.

Automated scheduling

Renters book their viewing right away, cancel and reschedule easily. We follow up after each viewing.

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All of your prospects have verified identities

Daniel V.
$2,800 /mo


We recommend a tenant

You get the final say, but we do all the legwork. Our recommendation means we left no stone unturned.

How Flip screens tenants

Fast, online applications

Let renters apply from their phone while they're still in the unit, so you get a qualified tenant faster.

More robust screening

Employment and landlord references are verified by our team of experts. Make your decision based on more than just hearsay.

Suggested new tenant

Daniel V.

Earns $95,000 USD /year
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 Daniel's annual income is 30x above rent



We keep tenants happy

Complaints, questions, and issues end up in our inbox not yours. We take care of tenants so they never want to leave.

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Stay in Borneo!

Key transfer, walkthrough inspection and moving-day air support - on our plate not yours.

Tenant hotline

From help with rent payments to security deposits and roommates, we take care of your tenants.

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Monthly rent amount is $2,800 USD /mo

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • No. Flip provides you with a beautiful, informative advertisement for your listing that you're welcome to share wherever you'd like as long as you send inquiries to the listing so that interested renters can book a viewing.
  • Yes, you'll only be charged if you use Flip to find or manage your new tenant. You'll be charged $139 for your keybox if you decide to keep it (or we don't get it back within 30 days).
  • Once you've set up the access point for your available listing, any broker can use it to show the listing and collect a fee from their client.
  • If you're the leaseholder and you're looking to sublet or get out of your lease we recommend the leaseholder plan! We designed it with leaseholders' needs in mind.