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Flip takes over your lease and pays your rent. You leave as soon as you need to.

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Pay a one time fee

Enter a few details to find out how much Instant would cost for you to get out of your lease.

Keep it simple

We look at factors like location, rent price and a variety of amenities to determine your price.

No nonsense

Once you're accepted, we sign a legal document that requires us to pay the remainder of your rent.


Let us access your listing

We’ll clean, stage, and show your listing to qualified applicants. We will handle all of the details.

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Easy key transfer

Your apartment keys can be dropped off in a safe, nearby location with a password protected lockbox.

Hassle-free viewings

We'll handle viewings while you're at work or just out of the house - on your schedule, not ours.


Flip pays your rent

In 30 days, Flip will pay rent directly to your landlord - guaranteed. You’re off the hook!

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Sweet, sweet freedom

We handle all of the landlord paperwork and any concerns the new tenant has - you're off the hook.

We're always here to help

If there are any questions, concerns, or unexpected changes, we're ready to work 24/7 to get it sorted.

Lease free, worry free

Moving in with someone? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Buying a home? Life doesn’t always fit neatly with your lease’s terms. Flip Instant is the best way to get out your lease without any hassle.

Move on your terms

Don't let your lease hold you back from important life decisions. Go after whatever's next without the stress.

Fast and easy

Sign the agreement, then pack your bags and leave.


We will list your space and schedule viewings.


We won’t rest until we find a qualified tenant that your landlord agrees with.

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$2,3501 bedroom in Williamsburg, NY
Managed by Watermark Capital Management

What we did
  • 18 phone calls to leasing staff

  • Notarized sublet agreement

  • Donated living room furniture

See listing details
$2,190Studio in New York, NY
Managed by Icon Realty Management

What we did
  • Security deposit walkthrough

  • Submitted 16 page rental application

  • Returned internet modems

See listing details
$3,0901 bedroom in Manhattan, NY
Managed by Vanguard Investors Ltd

What we did
  • Sent certified mail sublet request

  • Dropped off cashiers checks

  • Painted and spackled walls

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • We’ll make sure you get your deposit back when your original lease ends. You will report any damages when you leave your apartment, so if anything happens while a new tenant is living there it will be deducted from their deposit not yours.

  • In our experience it's best for you to let our team verify that your landlord will allow Flip to operate in their building after you get your price quote. We'll handle this over email and we'll always keep you on copy so you know what's going on. If you'd like to bring it up yourself that's cool too - just ask them if it's okay for you to hire Flip to sublet or assign the remainder of your new lease to a new, qualified tenant.