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Subletting Laws in Illinois

In Illinois, the law gives you the right to sublet your unit unless your lease prohibits it. If your lease doesn't forbid subletting, case law in Illinois holds that you can even do so without telling your landlord about it.

This legal precedent was set by the Illinois Appellate Court's ruling in Cole v. Ignatius. In the case, the court ruled that because there was no provision in the lease prohibiting assignment or subleasing, the plaintiff was legally allowed to assign the lease. The court also declared that the plaintiff didn't break any laws when he sublet and eventually assigned the lease to someone else without notifying the landlord.

Subletting laws in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, then the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance guarantees that you have the absolute the right to sublet your apartment at no additional cost regardless of what your lease says.

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