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Private room in Ocean Hill, NY

3 beds

1 bath


Building requirements

There is one requirement to apply for this rental:

Annual income over 30x the rent

2 verifications

These requirements and expectations are set and updated by the building and lister.


What are you looking for in a tenant? Current roommates are both female easy going professionals; looking to fill my room with an individual with a similar lifestyle. What do you love about this place? Sub-letting largest room in a 3x1 in Bed-Stuy; our space is located in the 2 floor of a townhome. Area is fairly quiet, across an Elementary School with basketball and handball courts. Located a 5 min walk from the C-train and a 5-15 min walk from Rite-Aid, Associated and many coffee shops and restaurants.


Private Entrance


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Ocean Hill, NY

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December 31st, 2020

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