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Fewer broken leases, more tenants.

Even the best tenants need to leave early sometimes. Flip selects a qualified replacement and guarantees all remaining rent payments.

Units assigned to Flip

Daniel V.
Leaving #303
$2,800 USD
Current monthly rent

Flip found 21 qualified leads

Why partner with Flip?

Give tenants the flexibility they need and sign more new leases.


You focus on new leases and retention. We take care of everyone who needs to leave early.


When our replacement tenants renew their lease you save 100% of expected turnover costs.


Every unit assigned to Flip attracts up to 50 new qualified leads for your building.

These averages are based on buildings with 250 units or more.

How it works

To put it simply, we take care of everything for you.


Send residents our way

We'll make sure residents understand all their options and that they don't do anything below board.

Avoid illegal sublets

Everyone stays above board or you find out.

Save valuable time

No more back and forth with residents about options.

Assignment requests

Daniel V.
Requires review
$2,800 /mo


Assign their lease to us

Flip becomes the official tenant of record - and we always pay the rent on time.

More about the partner agreement

Guaranteed rent

We will always pay the rent for any remaining months.

Zero risk for you

Full indemnification protections.

Flip's payment history

Guaranteed monthly rent amount is $2,400 USD /mo

Past payments
Future payments

Current occupant

Flip Guaranteed

Get new tenants

We market your building’s unit and sublease it to a qualified new resident.

How we select occupants

Expect less turnovers

We will handle getting new tenants in and old ones out.

Get more leases

Our goal is to find you the most qualified tenants.

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assignment requests

Daniel V.

Earns $180,000 USD /year
Requires review


 Daniel's annual income is 40x above rent


Offer lease renewal

Who partners with Flip?

If your building has more than a few units, your residents might already be using us.

Known for amazing views
Manages 4,000 units

  • 42 requests for Flip Instant

  • 37 new tenant leads per month

Known for quick response times
Manages 4,500 units

  • $1.8M saved in turnover costs

  • 55 new leads per month

Known for high tenant satisfaction
Manages 71,000 units

  • 4 leases assigned to Flip

  • 67 new leads per month

Want to fill vacancies?

Partner with us - we'll handle everything for you.

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