Collecting Rent

Flip makes it simple to collect rent payments from tenants. You can require that tenants turn on automatic payment so the rent is never late, allow tenants to pay via direct deposit or credit card and request par you'll receive monthly financial reports with that can be up

Require tenants to turn on auto-pay

You can require tenants to turn on automatic payments so that rent is never late. You can also have them pay before the first of the month to make sure that rent arrives in your account on the first.

Notifications and payouts

The first month's rent payment behaves a little differently than all future payments. Flip holds your tenant's first month of rent in escrow until the lease starts and releases it only once your lease starts. When your lease starts you can expect to see the funds in your account within 4-5 business days.

Future rent payments can will be sent to your payout account automatically as soon as your tenant pays.

Financial reporting

You can view and download summarized and itemized transaction data so you have a clear picture of historical incoming rent payments. You can easily download and import these into your accounting software.

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