Guidelines for property managers

Property managers and brokers are welcome to post on Flip as long they keep the experience great for our renters. To that end, we ask that all property managers follow the below policies when listing property.

Transparent fees
No bait and switch
Payments and deposits
No Soliciting

Transparent fees

Include any extra fees you charge in the rent price so that renters aren't confused.

No bait and switch

Creating a listing that is no longer available or doesn't exist to attract clients, or sending users links to external listings websites, is strictly prohibited.


Accept rent payments on the Flip platform, and lean on us to manage your security deposits.

Rent payments will immediately go into escrow and will be automatically transferred to your payout account on the first day of your lease. Security deposits are held in escrow for the duration of the lease, and you can make a claim for lost rent or damages at any point. All deposit claims and disputes are handled by our team.

You can read more about how security deposits work here.


We also require that you use our online lease signing features. This is also to ensure that all our renters are having a consistent experience.

Read more about uploading, customizing, signing and editing leases here.

No soliciting

Messaging Flip listers asking to represent them exclusively is strictly prohibited!

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