Can real estate brokers use Flip?

Real estate brokers are welcome to post on Flip as long they keep the experience great for the rest of our users. To that end, we ask that all brokers follow the below policies when listing property.

Transparent fees
On-platform transactions
No bait and switch
No soliciting

Transparent fees

If you're charging a broker's fee to the renter please include it in the rent price. Here's an example:

If you are listing a twelve month lease at $3,000 per month and you would like to earn a fee of 15% or $5,400, you must list the rent price as $3,450.


You must accept an applicant on Flip and accept any deposit and first month of rent required to hold the rental on our platform. The funds will immediately go into escrow and our support team will release it as needed to the right recipients. We're happy to release part of the funds (i.e. the first month of rent, which can serve as your fee) to you directly and part (i.e. the deposit) to the landlord!

If you're representing a client that is applying to a unit on Flip, your client must pay for their rent and sign a lease on our platform.

If you have any questions or need help making sure that the right amounts to go the correct account, email

No bait and switch

Creating a listing that is no longer available or doesn't exist to attract clients is strictly prohibited.

No soliciting

Messaging Flip listers asking to represent them exclusively is strictly prohibited!

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