How can Flip get me out of my lease?

Flip has two offerings. Both are designed to get you out of your lease responsibility as quickly as possible. You can create a free listing on Flip or pay us to do the work with Flip Instant.

Option 1: Flip Instant

Flip Instant is a paid service where we take on all of the risk and responsibility of getting someone else moved in to your apartment. We guarantee we’ll find someone in 30 days, otherwise we’ll pay your rent until we do.

Read more about Flip Instant here and request a price quote here. Flip Instant is only available for certain apartments, so check out the eligibility criteria in the first link.

Option 2: Create a free listing on Flip

If you’d like to find a replacement renter yourself, you can create a free listing on Flip. Flip works best for subleases, but you can still create a listing for a lease assignment (re-let).

To start, create a listing. If another Flip user is interested, you’ll receive a message from them. If the conversation goes well, they can submit a booking request for you to review.

Creating a listing on Flip gives you access to interested renters and tools to assess their applications. We can also process rent payments and hold a security deposit during your lease.

If you opt to post a listing yourself, you’ll be responsible for arranging viewings, getting your landlord/property manager’s approval, and ensuring your renter makes payments on time.

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