How do I add a Boost?

To make it easier for people to see your apartment and decide if they want to rent it, we built a safe way for them to view the space on their own schedules, while you're out of the house.

This eliminates the back and forth of scheduling with potential renters, which means you get a tenant faster.

Viewers are carefully vetted

Viewers have to go through a careful verification process before scheduling a viewing. We scan their government-issued ID and confirm that it's genuine and confirm that they are who they say they are using biometric analysis. We also keep a payment method on file during viewings to deter thefts.

Apartments are protected

Flip offers listers with a protection policy against damages or theft that occur during a viewing. As long as you follow our terms and conditions and disclose the valuable items in your apartment before the viewing starts then you will be covered for up to $10,000 in claims.

To learn more about how viewings work from the perspective of the renter doing the viewing, click here.

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