How do I apply to a Flip listing?

Fill out your profile to confirm you meet the requirements for the listing you're interested in, and then apply.

1. Meet the requirements

Your Flip profile will ask you for the basic components of any apartment rental application: name, government-issued ID to prove your identity, employment situation, background check and credit score.


2. Choose your lease preferences

Keep in mind that you won't be able to apply to a listing if you don't meet the requirements. Choose your ideal lease start and end dates - these are an important part of your application, because it will help the lister to decide if you are a good fit or not. Your start and end dates aren't final and can be changed in your lease before the lister countersigns it.


3. Sign the lease and pay the deposit

Once you've applied you can sign the lease and place your deposit into escrow. The lister will get an immediate notification and will be able to review your application.


4. (Only for some listings) wait for final approval from the landlord

There may be a third party besides the lister (usually the property manager or owner) who needs to review your application and accept it. If this is the case, you'll receive notifications about the status of your application and you may be asked to complete an additional form or add an additional piece of information in order to get approved. This request will come from the email - do not answer any requests that don't come from this email.

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