How do I book a listing on Flip?

Our goal is to make it possible for renters to find, apply for and sign a lease entirely online. Flip profiles are built so that they work as rental applications that can be used by most landlords. Add your background, credit and income details before you find the perfect listing, then press "book" and sign a lease.

1. Complete your profile

You can complete a credit check, verify your income, and fill in other details on your profile. Credit reports are all soft so no need to worry about a ding on your score, and once you've ordered on it will be good for the next sixty days.

The quickest way to verify your income is by connecting your bank account. Our platform automatically detects your income within your transactional history, and it will show up to listers when you send them a message. We also make it easy to add traditional documentation like pay stubs, since most landlords want to see this too.

2. Ask questions and take a look in-person

Managed listings let you schedule viewings on demand and book instantly once you've found one you like. For these listings, you can ask a question (is there parking? What floor is it on?) and the lister will get back to you. Before you do that make sure to browse the questions that have already been answered - since one of them might be yours!

Regular listings require you to message the lister and coordinate with them to see it in person. Just press "message" and tell them you're interested.

3. Click Request to book

You'll see the Request to book screen next to your conversation. Click the blue Edit button to set your preferred move in and move out dates. Your lister will have the ability to adjust these dates later in the booking process. You may also see a request to put down upfront rent. This is optional. Upfront rent is a fully refundable deposit that will be applied to your first month of rent if you move in.

4. Wait for your booking request to be reviewed

Managed by Flip listings require you to complete your profile first and get your documents verified so that you've demonstrated that you meet the landlord's tenant requirements. Once you've done that you'll be able to book instantly.

The rest of Flip listings are run by someone who is doing it all themselves, and you'll need to wait for them to review your materials and get back to you as soon as they can.

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