How do I book a listing on Flip?

Submitting a booking request is the Flip equivalent to submitting an application. Complete your profile, choose your dates, and click to request!

1. Complete your Profile

Many listers will require you to show a credit score and verified source of income. You can complete a credit check, verify your income, and fill in other details on your Profile.

2. Message a listing

Click the blue Message button (or Schedule a viewing button, when available) on any listing to start a conversation with the lister. Once you've started a conversation, you'll be able to request a booking.

3. Select your preferred lease dates

You'll see the Request to book screen next to your conversation. Click the blue Edit button to set your preferred move in and move out dates. Your lister will have the ability to adjust these dates later in the booking process.

4. Click Request to book

You may see a Building requirements section above the Request to book button. You can still submit a booking request if you don't meet these requirements, but your request may be rejected.

You may also see a request to put down upfront rent. This is optional. Upfront rent is a fully refundable deposit that will be applied to your first month of rent if you move in.

5. Wait for your booking request to be reviewed

Many listings on Flip are managed by an individual Flip user who will accept or reject your booking request. If you submit a booking request for a Managed by Flip listing, your booking request will be reviewed by the team at Flip.

Many listings will require additional application materials beyond what's included in your profile, e.g., emergency contact details or a photo ID. Your lister will let you know what's needed.

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