How do I get a Flip-managed apartment?

Apartments that are managed by Flip are rented out by the room for flexible periods of time. You can leave at any point with 30 days notice. Getting accepted is easier than most other application processes - you just need to qualify for our rent-guarantee.

Here are some some answers to things you might be wondering.

How can I schedule a viewing?

We offer self-guided tours of the space 24/7 with advance notice. Just express interest in the listing via Flip and we’ll get you setup. You’ll be able to choose a time window for your viewing and you’ll receive a message with the door codes before your appointment.

We require you to connect a bank account in order for you to view the apartment. This allows us to verify your identity and charge you for damages or theft should anything get damaged or go missing during your viewing.

I like the place - how can I move in?

Go back to your conversation (where you initially inquired) and press the apply button. A complete application must have verified income and a background check. Your application will be reviewed within twenty four hours.

To be approved you will need to be eligible for our Rent Guarantee for the price of your room and you’ll need to pass a background check. Background checks uncover any history of evictions as well as criminal history - and we won’t be able to accept anyone with either type of record.

How long can I stay for?

As little or long as you like - our leases are all flexible. We do require you to stay 30 days.

What are the fees?

The same fees that we charge for anyone applying to a Flip lease:

  • Your credit & background check costs $30. This remains active for three months after purchasing it, so you can use it to apply for another Flip lease. This is a non-refundable fee.

  • Our service fee is 5% of the first month of rent, and you pay this along with your first month of rent once you are accepted

In other words, if you’re applying for a $1500 monthly lease your total additional fees will be $30 plus $75, or $105.

What’s not included or not included in the monthly rent?

Monthly rent is pretty much just the base cost of your housing, just like with any other room or apartment rental. Flip will take care of ordering and arranging things like:

  • Hiring movers
  • Renting/buying furniture
  • Repairs and installations
  • Cleaning services
  • Storage
  • Junk removal

The cost of these things will be added to your monthly rent receipt each month. This way, you decide how much extra you spend on things like furniture and cleaning.

Is the apartment furnished?

No. If you need furniture we’ll help your rent or buy it (see above!), or you can do that on your own.

Are utilities included in the price of the rent?

Flip handles bill payments and other issues with utility providers and charges you for your proportional share of the utility costs.

Is cleaning included?

Same as above! This is an optional serviceFlip will coordinate professional housekeepers to clean the common areas of the apartment as frequently as you’d like. These areas include the kitchen, bathrooms, and living area. Individual bedrooms will not be included - but you can request that this be added on if you’d like. The cost of cleaning services are added onto your monthly rent receipt at the end of the month.

Can I request to only live with people of a certain age range or gender?

We will use the same application criteria for all rooms for everyone. You can refer friends and acquaintances if you want, but we reserve the right to fill a vacant room with anyone who meets our income and background criteria.

What happens if the other tenants are not being good roommates?

Anyone moving into the space will be required to sign a roommate contract which outlines basic responsibilities around cleanliness, noise, visitors, and other behaviors. If someone in the apartment violates the agreement, contact our support team immediately and we’ll resolve the situation.

How do mail and packages work?

There will be a mailbox for the apartment on the ground floor of the building. Each tenant will receive a key. USPS, FedEx, and UPS will have access to enter the main door of the building to leave packages below the mailboxes.

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