How do I view a listing?

Most renters want to check out a place in-person before signing a lease. Flip listings can be toured in two ways: contactless viewings or standard viewings. With standard viewings, you'll meet the lister in-person at the building or house and they will let you in.

Select a time

You can setup a time to take an in-person tour of a listing from the listing page by booking a viewing and choosing a time that works for you. You'll see different time windows that the lister has already selected as good times for them to give you a tour. They will get an immediate notification about the viewing and it will be blocked off on their calendar so that no one else can book that time.

Cancel or reschedule if you can't make it

Someone will be waiting for you to arrive, so it's very important that you cancel and reschedule your viewing if you won't be able to make it. You'll see a link to do this from the viewing details screen on the Flip website or you can follow the link in your email notification about the viewing window.

Communicate with the lister via text

You'll get a text when your window starts that will connect you to the lister. This is how you'll get help if you can't connect with them for any reason.

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