How do Flip's apartment viewings work?

We created a trustworthy way for people to view apartments without the hassle of coordinating their schedules. Once your account has been verified you can pick up a set of spare keys from a nearby lockbox, show yourself the apartment and return the keys after you've checked it out.

1. Schedule a viewing

When you inquire about a listing you'll see a button that says "schedule a viewing" at the top of the screen. Press that and choose a one-hour time window that works for you.

2. Verify your identity and a payment method

To keep everyone safe, we require a couple of extra verification steps before you can get access to the apartment. We need you to verify your identity and add a payment method. You can schedule a time without finishing verification but you won't be able to get your temporary access code until you are verified.

3. Get the access code

One hour before your viewing starts you'll get a lockbox access code with detailed instructions on how to find your lockbox. Lockboxes are either on the street or within cafes using a service called Keycafe. Find it, type in the code and grab the keys.

When you're done, return to the lockbox, open the box again and leave the key where you found it.

If you have any questions about Flip viewings, or run into issues while on a viewing you can contact our support team 24-7: [email protected] or 1 844 888 FLIP.

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