How do I tour a unit privately?

We created a trustworthy way for you to view apartments without the hassle of coordinating schedules and waiting for a stranger to open the door for you. Once your account has been verified you can pick up a set of spare keys, show yourself around, and return the keys after you've checked it out.

Covid-19 update: To maintain the health and safety of our users we are currently only supporting viewings in vacant units.

Follow these steps

1. Look for listings with viewings

If a listing has self-guided viewings enabled you'll see a blue button that says "schedule viewing" instead of one that says "message." Look for these.

2. Choose whatever time window works

Press that button and choose a one-hour time window that works for you. They are usually available as soon as the upcoming hour.

3. Verify your identity

You'll get a confirmation message but you will not be able to unlock the keybox hanging on the door unless you finish the identity verification process and add a payment method. You'll be asked to upload a selfie with your government issued photo ID visible in the shot and once you've done that your identity will be confirmed in near-real-time.

You'll also be asked to have a payment method on file in case you don't follow our viewing guidelines. We haven't had to charge anyone yet and hope we never do!

We use Onfido for identity verification and Stripe to hold your payment information. Both use AES-256 encryption to secure your data.

3. Get the access code

Once you have verified your identity, you will be able to view the listing location and detailed instructions on how to view the unit.

If your viewing requires a keybox, the access code for the keybox will be revealed when your viewing period starts. Find the keybox, type in the code, and grab the keys.

Otherwise, you'll see instructions on where to find the keys.

Our guidelines

Return the keys

Be sure to allow enough time to return the keys before the end of your viewing window. For example, if your viewing is from 1pm-2pm, you must return the keys before 2pm. Someone else will be arriving as early as 2:30 and will alert us if the keys are missing.

Leave things as you found them

You are encouraged to open cabinets, drawers, closets and test appliances within reason. Do what you need in order to get a sense of what it would be like to live there by all means - just don't damage the unit in any way.

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