How does Flip screen and select applicants?

We use standard thirty party tools (Transunion, Checkr, OnFido) for identity, background and credit checks. Then we combine this data with our own review of original documents, raw financial data and reference checks. This lets us present you with a more robust recommendation for each applicant.

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We recommend that all listers use our default minimum requirements for each applicant. You'll find this in the applications section of your listing management dashboard. This is where you can add new requirements and additional verification methods if you'd like. For example, you may want to see an applicants last two years of tax returns in addition to verification of their current employment and salary.

If you're on the landlord or leaseholder plan, applicants won't be able to apply to your unit unless we've verified that they meet your requirements. For Lite plans, you'll be able to see self-reported income data but it will not be verified.

Current employment and salary

Minimum threshold: 30 times the monthly rent

How we verify: Direct contact with listed employers, offer letter and 2 recent pay stubs. For freelancers, we review all currently active freelance contracts and confirm their accuracy by directly contacting the employer.

Credit score

Minimum threshold: 600

How we verify: Transunion SmartMove

Criminal history

Minimum threshold: No recent (last 5 years) felony charges

How we verify: Transunion SmartMove

Rental history

Minimum threshold: Clean eviction history

How we verify: Transunion SmartMove ### Identity check

Minimum threshold: Pass

How we verify: Applicants verify their identity with their government issued photo identification. They hold the ID next to their face, and software detects a match between their face and the ID.

Our recommendation

Listers on the Landlord or Leaseholder plan only get notified about the first tenant who we recommend they accept.

How we keep you compliant

The information we collect and the way that we share it and store it remains compliant with privacy laws and fair housing laws, all the time.

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