How does Flip screen and select applicants?

We use thirty party integrations with for identity, background and credit checks. Then we combine this data with our own review of original documents, raw financial data and reference checks. This lets us present you with a more robust recommendation for each applicant.

TransUnion SmartMove background and credit reports

Set minimum requirements for credit or background and only hear from applications who have passed these requirements. Every Flip renter can add a combined credit and background report to their profile. The results are cross-checked with your requirements. When you get an application, you will see the applicant's credit score and any notes on their record if there are any.

Go here for an example credit and background report

Biometric identity verification powered by OnFido

Renters confirm that they are who they say they are by uploading a photo of their government-issued ID with a selfie. Flip's integration with the identity verification company OnFido allows us to instantly verify their identity.

Income and employment verification methods

As opposed to simple tenant-screening services, we actually roll up ourselves to confirm the veracity of renters' self-reported employment and income information. We review documentation uploaded by the renter, like pay stubs and an active offer letter or contract, and we contact employers to confirm that the role is still active.

Go here for details on our income verification process

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