How does upfront rent work?

There are three steps to get an apartment on Flip: make a booking request, put some or all of the first month of rent into escrow, and sign a lease.

Your upfront rent deposit is always fully refundable and will never be transferred to the lister until you've lived in your new apartment for twenty four hours and confirmed that all is as expected.

Request to book

When making a booking request you can put down upfront rent to show the lister that you're serious and you'd like them to take the apartment off the market. We suggest you complete your profile as much as possible before making a request. If you haven't, the lister will likely ask you to add details like proof of income or a background check.

Review period

Your booking request will be reviewed by the lister. The Flip support team will likely ask you for more information based on the specific criteria of the building you're applying to. For example, there may be a specific application form for that building that you'll need to sign in order to live their with management approval.

Sign a lease

When they accept your request the apartment will automatically get unlisted, and you can move forward with lease signing. If you haven't put down upfront rent by this point, you will need to do that now. At the beginning of your lease, your upfront rent deposit will be put towards the first month of rent.


You can request a full refund at any point prior to signing a lease agreement. To do so, please email If you need to request a refund after signing a lease, please see our Listing Guarantee.

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