How Flip gets your landlord's approval

Most leases require you to get your landlord's green light before you sublet your entire apartment, and sometime landlords also want to approve new roommates. If you're transferring your lease to someone else then you'll definitely have to deal with some paperwork!

Luckily, we'll handle the request letters, applications and any other paperwork for you. All you need to do is respond to messages as quickly as you can.

Here's how it works:

Request letters

If you live in a building that is very strict we will prepare a request letter and send it to them via certified mail. This is the best way to make sure everything works out for you. And don't worry about knowing if your building is strict or not - we'll figure that out for you.


As soon as you accept an applicant, we'll verify:

  • Identity & criminal history
  • Credit score
  • Income

We'll send it to your landlord with you on copy, using their custom application forms if that's required. We'll follow up until you get the green light.

Have questions? Send a note to [email protected] right away!

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