Viewings with Flip

Viewings with Flip make it possible for carefully-vetted and prequalified leads to view your upcoming vacancies as soon as they come on the market - with no coordination work from you.

We'll send you a custom, digital keybox in the mail. All you need to do is drop your master keys in, and hang it on the front door of the unit. We'll take care of the rest.

More showings, faster lease up

Flip's system for self-guided viewings makes it possible for you to show the unit to more people in less time and with a lot less work. Once prospects verify their identities and review the tenant requirements for your unit they can book a viewing slot and show them self the unit. They're given a one-time access code and have an hour to open the door, look around and put the keys back where they found them.

One access-point for brokers

Instead of coordinating between multiple brokers all vying for the same set of keys, send them all to Flip. Brokers can book viewings instantly and show your unit to their clients.

Peace of mind

Each self-guided viewing is covered by a 1M protection policy and no one is given access codes without first going through a careful identity verification process, as well as putting a payment method on file.

Better experience for outgoing tenants

All you need to do is add your outgoing tenant's contact information and we'll take care of the rest. They can select times of the day when they'll be at work or out of the house, and we'll make sure that viewings only happen during the times that are most comfortable for them.

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