What are contactless viewings?

Contactless viewings allow renters to let themselves into a unit using a key from a lockbox or a smart lock on the door. They give themselves a tour, and then they apply to the rental if they like it.

Benefits of contactless viewings

Common reasons for switching to contactless viewings are:

  • Remote management: You own (and you’d like to own more) properties in different parts of a city or different cities altogether without hiring a property management firm in each city.
  • Time savings: You have a great leasing agent whose time is better spent converting applicants into tenants, or you don't want to hire anyone at all. Without contactless viewings, a prospective renter needs to schedule a time with someone on the other end of an email thread, making for a lot of back and forth questions and answers along the lines of “When is the rental available for a showing? Can I view at 5PM on Tuesday? Can I reschedule so my boyfriend can come? I’m running 20 minutes late.” Then you may end up showing a unit to someone who wouldn’t qualify.
  • Rent units faster: According to a 2018 survey conducted by Zogby Analytics over 40% of adults passed on an apartment because they couldn’t find time to see it in real life. This is a good way to get more people in the door for a showing, faster.
  • No safety risks: You’re concerned about the public health risks posed by in person showings or open houses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently asked questions

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How common is vandalism?

Just as with any vacant property, there’s always a risk that someone will jimmy a lock or break a window and steal whatever’s not tied down. This is why it’s important to pair your physical smart lock with a secure software layer that guarantees you’ll know the identity of everyone who gained access and when they accessed each unit. Flip does this using biometric facial analysis of every prospect that gets cross checked with their government ID (and is required in order to book a viewing). We also only use lockboxes that support something called time based one time passwords, which is a fancy way of saying that we have the maximum amount of control over when someone has access to the unit.

What if a viewer moves in and won't leave?

Unlike other solutions on the market for self guided tours, Flip was built to take care of every aspect of managing property - including screening tenants by checking references and income. You can set your tenant requirements in your dashboard and only allow viewers who meet them. This eliminates the chances of an unwanted squatter in your unit.

Will viewers miss key selling points?

When you get your first unit setup on Flip you'll be able to add extra guidance that we'll make sure every viewer sees, so there's no need to worry about this. In fact, according to one case study highlighted by the National Apartment Association, the conversion rate for self guided tours was 11% higher than ones done by leasing agents.

What if my outgoing tenant hasn’t moved out yet?

Whether or not you would like to wait until the outgoing tenant has left the unit to begin tours is up to you. If you choose to start them before they’ve left, Flip automatically notifies both you and the current tenant about booked viewings, and allows you to coordinations. The viewers and the outgoing tenant will also receive our guidelines for contactless viewings in occupied units.

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