What does managed by Flip mean?

Managed by Flip apartments come with extra benefits like private viewings, easier applications and flexible lease terms.

Private viewings: This means that for any apartment we manage you can pick up the keys on your own schedule, let yourself in and tour the apartment solo.

Easy-access: We do our best to make the application process as pain-free as possible. In most cases we still have to get you approved to live in the building by the building management, but we'll take care of all the paperwork and be your advocate in the leasing office.

Always month-to-month: You can always leave with thirty days of notice when you live in an apartment that's managed by Flip.

Use the toggle on the search page to browse only the apartments that we manage. Also look for the managed by Flip badge at the top of each listing page.

Heads up: we currently manage apartments in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles exclusively, and we do not manage any rooms in shared spaces.

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