Which documents do you need to verify income?

After you add your income and employment details to your profile our platform will verify it. Income verification happens in two ways.

Income verification method #1: bank account connection

You can connect your bank account using a third party service called Plaid. This is the most secure way for Flip to determine how much money you earned in recent months, and it works just as well for freelancers as for salaried employees since it is based purely on deposits to your account. Click here to connect your bank account to verify your income.

Income verification method #2: document upload

You can upload traditional income verification documents like an offer letter, pay stubs or tax returns. Common reasons for doing this are if you're starting a new job, so your past income is not reflective of your future income, or if you have additional income streams that are not showing up in your bank account. Click here to upload documents to verify your income. Most landlords and property managers will need to see these documents, so we recommend that you add them to your profile even if the bank account connected accurately verified your income.

Keep in mind that document uploads are reviewed by a member of Flip's support team, and they may deem it necessary to call your employer in order to verify your employment status and income. You will always be notified if an employer reference check is required.

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