Which documents do you need to verify income?

You can verify your employment and income in two ways. First, you can connect your bank account. This is a secure way for Flip to determine if you will pay rent reliably using your earning patterns, bill payment patterns and spending patterns. Click here to connect your bank account to verify your income.

Second, you can upload traditional income verification documents like an offer letter, pay stubs or tax returns. Common reasons for doing this are if you're starting a new job, so your past income is not reflective of your future income, or if you have additional income streams that are not showing up in your bank account. Click here to upload documents to verify your income.

Someone on our support team will review and enter your verified income accordingly, and may reach out for additional verification like contracts with clients if you work freelance, tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements or a signed letter from your CPA stating your annual salary

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