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When do I get my rent payouts?How do I automate my rent payments?How much upfront rent should I ask for?What happens if my renter stops paying during the lease?Why can't Flip accept housing vouchers? How do I receive money from Flip?What happens if my renter cancels?How do security deposits work?What is a month-to-month lease?How should I set up my Flip keybox? How do you protect listings during viewings?How do I reset my password?How much does Flip cost?How does Flip pay my rent if I buy Flip Instant? What is the Flip Listing Guarantee?How can Flip get me out of my lease?What is Flip Instant?Can I use Flip as a property manager or broker?How do Flip's apartment viewings work?What should I do before accepting or rejecting a booking request?How do I book a listing on Flip? How do I know if someone is trying to scam me on Flip? What does managed by Flip mean?Is my address visible to other users?What are Flip boosts?What are the terms of the takeover agreement?How Flip gets your landlord's approvalCan I invite someone that I met on another platform?How does Flip vet listings?Is there a minimum lease length on Flip?Will purchasing a credit report hurt my credit score?Why do I need to provide additional verification for my payout account?How long does Flip's income verification take?How long does my credit score last for?Which documents do you need to verify income? How do you qualify renters for the rent guarantee?How do I edit a lease agreement?Can I upload my own lease document?

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