Frequently asked questions

How do I edit a lease agreement?How do security deposits work?Can I upload my own lease document?When do I get my rent payouts?What happens if my renter cancels?Why do I need additional verification for my payouts?What happens if my renter stops paying during the lease?How does Flip enforce lease agreements?Can I export rent and expense data for my taxes?How much does Flip cost?How long does Flip's income verification take?How does Flip vet listings?Which documents do you need to verify income? Will purchasing a credit report hurt my credit score?How do I automate my rent payments?How long does my credit score last for?What is the Flip Listing Guarantee?I’m having issues during my viewing window, what do I do?How do contactless viewings work?How do I apply to a Flip listing?How do I view a listing?What is the Flip Rent Guarantee?What is the Flip Property Protection Policy?How can I cancel my plan?How do you protect listings during viewings?How do I give access to my staff or brokers?Who do viewers contact with questions?Should I move out before I setup contactless viewings?How do Flip's contactless viewings work?What are contactless viewings?Will contactless viewings work at my building?Is there a minimum lease length on Flip?What are Flip boosts?Is my address visible to other users?Where else will my listing show up?How do I get my listing to the top of search results?Can I invite someone that I met on another platform?How does Flip screen and select applicants?How do I set my tenant requirements?How do you verify income and employment?Can I trust this credit report and background check?How long do background checks and credit reports take?What is in the applicant's background check exactly?What happens when I accept or reject an applicant?