Will contactless viewings work at my building?

We don't recommend contactless viewings for all types of buildings.

What are contactless viewings?

Contactless viewings, also sometimes called self showings or self guided tours for real estate, allow renters to let them selves into a unit.

How do Flip's contactless viewings work?

Hang our smart keybox on the door and we'll coordinate all of your viewings until you get an applicant.

Should I move out before I setup contactless viewings?

You can host contactless viewings before moving out of your unit as long as you have the ability to be out of the house for at least an hour.

Who do viewers contact with questions?

Viewers use the regular Flip support line or our "viewings emergencies" hotline if they need help

How do I give access to my staff or brokers?

They can get one-time pin codes just like prospective new tenants do.

How do you protect listings during viewings?

Careful identity verification and other anti-theft measures, plus insurance.