What does managed by Flip mean?

Managed by Flip apartments come with extra benefits like private viewings to make sure you like the space, easy-access and total flexibility.

What are the terms of the takeover agreement?

You'll sign a takeover agreement with Flip before we take over your lease. If you aren't able to follow the agreement's terms then the takeover will be either postponed or canceled.

Can I invite someone that I met on another platform?

You can invite someone to apply directly to your listing; you just need their email address.

How Flip gets your landlord's approval

We will take care of making sure that your landlord approves any new tenant you send their way.

Is my address visible to other users?

No - Flip will never share your exact address with another user.

What are Flip boosts?

Boosts are a way for you to get more applicants faster by advertising your listing to hyper targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Is there a minimum lease length on Flip?

Yes. We require all listings to be available for at least thirty days.

How does Flip vet listings?

We go to great lengths to keep fake or falsely advertised listings off of our platform. Look for the verified badge next to a listing for extra protection.