How do I create the perfect listing?

Completing your listing all the way will help it stand out on Flip and help renters know if they're interested or not.

Can real estate agents and brokerages use Flip?

Real estate brokers are welcome to post on Flip as long as they follow the same terms of service that apply to all other users.

How do I get my listing to the top of search results?

Our system pushes the most available listings to the top of search

Where else will my listing show up?

Leaseholder and Landlord plan listings get syndicated to other websites and to partner real estate brokerages.

Is my address visible to other users?

Flip will never share your exact address. If your listing is syndicated then your street address will be visible.

What are Flip boosts?

Boosts are a way for you to advertise your listing to hyper targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Is there a minimum lease length on Flip?

Yes. We require all listings to be available for at least thirty days.