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How do you qualify renters for the rent guarantee?

We determine a maximum amount of recommended monthly rent that we will guarantee you for based on your income, assets and expenses.

Will purchasing a credit report hurt my credit score?

No. When your order a credit report on Flip it is always a soft inquiry rather than a hard inquiry and therefore does not impact your score.

How is my bank account information protected?

Your banking credentials are never sent to Flip or stored by us, and all traffic goes over SSL to prevent third parties from eavesdropping.

Which documents do you need to verify income?

To verify your income we will need some combination of an offer letter or employment contract and tax returns, pay stubs or bank statements.

How long does Flip's income verification take?

Verification can be close to immediate if you do so by connecting bank account. It can take between a few hours and a day if you verify by uploading documents.

How long does my credit score last for?

When you purchase a credit and background check on Flip your score and the supporting information will be up-to-date and accessible for the next 60 days.