Collecting Rent

Flip makes it easy for tenants to setup recurring rent payments and for you to receive rent on-time every month.

Why can't Flip accept housing vouchers?

Leases on Flip typically don't meet the one year minimum lease length required by the housing voucher program. Additionally, Flip only supports card or bank payments.

What happens if my renter stops paying during the lease?

You'll be able to make a claim to receive the renter's full security deposit. Flip will keep paying rent for up to two months if your renter qualified for our Rent Guarantee.

How do I receive money from Flip?

To receive money from Flip, add a payout account to your profile.

What happens if my renter cancels?

If you have a renter who has already escrowed a payment and signed a lease on Flip, they're obligated to continue with the sublease.

When do I get my rent payouts?

You can expect to receive rent payouts 6-8 business days after your renter has made their rent payment.

How much upfront rent should I ask for?

You can ask for the renter to put down as little as 1% of monthly rent or as much as the entire cost of the lease upfront, before you accept their application.

How do I automate my rent payments?

Automate your monthly rent payments from within your rental dashboard. Select the payment source you want to use, and how many days before the first of the month you'd like to be charged.

How do security deposits work?

Flip provides an escrow service for security deposits. We manage storage, claims, dispute resolution and payouts.