Using Flip

How do Flip's apartment viewings work?

Flip uses self-guided viewings to show apartments to potential tenants. You decide what time you want to visit an apartment, pick up a set of spare keys, and return them afterwards.

What is Flip Instant?

You can now get out of your lease instantly by signing it over to us. We'll guarantee that the rent payments are covered starting thirty days after your lease has been accepted.

What is the Flip Listing Guarantee?

What is Flip?

We're a subletting marketplace. We've made it incredibly easy, fast and cheap to sublet a room or apartment for any length of time, starting at one month.

Can real estate brokers use Flip?

Real estate brokers are welcome to post on Flip as long as they follow the same terms of service that apply to all other users.

How do I get a Flip lease?

Flip is built so that you can find, apply sign a lease and start paying rent all on the same day. Start by searching for what you want, then finish your profile and apply.

How much does Flip cost?