Get out of your lease, without the fees

Flip is the easiest way to get someone else paying your rent so you can leave whenever you want.

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Tell us about your lease

You add the basic details about your lease, like unit amenities, landlord expectations, and time remaining.

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Grumpy landlord approved

Landlords love us! We always make sure new renters meet or exceed their expectations, no matter what.

Tricky leases, handled

Worried you're stuck in an iron-clad lease? Don't fret - we'll read it and tell you what we think.


Let us access your listing

Set up our magic keybox, and we'll start showing your space to qualified applicants on autopilot.

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Easy key transfer

Your replacement renter can pickup your keys from the keybox - no need to be in the area, or even in the city.

Contactless viewings

We'll handle viewings while you're at work or just out of the house - on your schedule, not ours.


Get on with your life

When a qualified renter submits an application, we work with your landlord to get them moved in and paying rent.

Get me out already

Sweet, sweet freedom

We handle all of the landlord paperwork and any concerns the new tenant has.

We're always here to help

If there are any questions, concerns, or unexpected changes, we'll get them sorted.

Lease free, worry free

Moving in with someone? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Buying a home? Life doesn’t always fit neatly with your lease’s terms. Flip is the easiest way to get your rent covered.

Move on your terms

Don't let your lease hold you back from important life decisions. Go after whatever's next without the stress.

Fast and easy

Set up your listing, then pack your bags and leave.


We'll list your space and schedule viewings.


We won’t rest until we find a qualified tenant that your landlord agrees with.

$29 /month

Cancel anytime

One simple monthly price

Skip the crazy-high lease break fees and get your rent covered for barely any work at all. Flip manages every last detail until your lease ends.

Leave when you need to

  • Free keybox to hang on your door

  • We show the space to qualified renters

  • We transfer keys to your subtenant

Get a renter faster

  • Auto-adjusted price to meet demand

  • Stay at the top of search results

  • Syndication to Flip partners

Easy landlord approval

  • We get you permission to sublet

  • We submit all the right paperwork

  • We get your subtenant approved fast

Keep the rent covered

  • Automated cash deposits

  • We show flaky renters out the door

  • Unlimited re-renting of your unit

Get your deposit back

  • Move out/move in damage inspections

  • One-click payouts to cover damages

  • Dispute resolution center

Dedicated support

  • Private leaseholder hotline

  • We help with tricky leases and landlords

  • If all else fails, we negotiate your buyout

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