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192 Bowery

New York, NY

$2,500 USD

Total Rent Payout

$2,500 USD

May Rent

$2,500 USD

June Rent

$2,500 USD

April Rent

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  • We determine a maximum amount of recommended monthly rent based on income, assets. expenses and history of paying bills on time. A renter is eligible if their maximum recommended rent payment is below your listing’s rent price.

    To find out if a renter that you’re talking with is eligible ask them to complete their profile.

  • The guarantee is only active when the following conditions are in place:

    • A legally binding sublease agreement provided by Flip has been signed by both parties on the Flip website.
    • Both parties have opted in to automated rent payments for the entire period of the sublet
    • Both parties have connected a minimum of two bank accounts. This can include checking accounts, savings accounts and credit card accounts
    • The rental application is submitted and the applicant has been approved for the guarantee by Flip. This includes background checks, credit check, income and savings verifications.