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192 Bowery

New York, NY

$2,500 USD

Total Rent Payout

$2,500 USD

May Rent

$2,500 USD

June Rent

$2,500 USD

April Rent

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  • The traditional way of figuring out if a renter is going to pay the rent reliably includes tax returns, credit reports, and background checks. We only ask for one thing: a secure connection to your bank account. We use this to analyze your financial history - including income, expenses and history of paying bills on time - and then we arrive at a maximum amount of monthly rent that we will guarantee you for.

  • To make sure the rent guarantee is on, first make sure your tenant's application says that they are qualified for the rent guarantee. Then, once you start your lease, we also require:

    • You to have signed the lease on our website
    • Both parties to have enabled automated monthly rent payments
    • The tenant must have connected a minimum of two bank accounts
    • The tenant has made at least one successful rent payment and escrowed a security deposit

  • Yes. We require the same information from international applicants as we do for all other applicants. We never require a FICO score to guarantee your rent, so there’s really no difference for us.