What is Flip Instant?

Flip Instant guarantees that you'll get out of your lease within thirty days. Wondering how we manage that? It's simple. While you pack your bags, we find a great tenant and do what’s necessary to get them living in your apartment with your landlord’s consent.

There's no confusing fine print, we swear, but you might be wondering about some of these details:

Communication with your landlord
The takeover agreement
Move outs & security deposits
Shared apartments
Tenant selection


As of early 2019, Flip Instant is only available in New York City for entire apartments.

We also only work with landlords that allow subletting. If you aren't sure of your landlord's policies, reach out to us and we'll be happy to find out for you.

Communication with your landlord

If you haven't yet brought up your departure to your landlord and you aren't sure what they'll say, it's almost always better to let us do the talking. We've gotten thousands of sublets approved by landlords of all types, and we know just how to remove risk from the equation. We'll always keep you on copy.

Our takeover agreement

After you purchase instant you'll sign a legal agreement that requires us to cover your rent, gives us the right to represent you with regards to the unit, and lets us to show the apartment to applicants before you move out. The agreement also makes it very clear that if you or your landlord does anything that interferes with our ability to do these things, we'll refund your money and cancel the agreement.

Move out and security deposit

You can move out right away or wait the full thirty days. We ask that you leave any spare keys in an obvious place in your apartment, like the kitchen counter.

We’ll make sure you get your deposit back from the landlord when your original lease ends. Before you leave, we'll send you detailed instructions for how to document the condition of your apartment. You will report any damages that have already occurred, so that if anything happens after you leave it will be deducted from their deposit not yours. We can do a walkthrough with the landlord at the end of the lease to ensure that you receive a check in the mail within thirty days of the lease end date.

How we choose tenants

We'll choose the most qualified tenant using the same methods we use to decide if someone's eligible for our rent guarantee. This means they have no criminal or eviction history and earn enough income to cover the monthly rent. We’ll only select someone that we know your landlord or management company will be okay with, using our database of building information to make sure they meet any and all of management's qualifications.

More questions? Drop us a line - we'll get back to you as quick as possible!

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