How does the Flip keybox work?

The Flip keybox opens with a unique code that you receive in the app shortly before your scheduled viewing. You'll need to verify your account in order to see your code.

Enter the code one digit at a time, and the press the unlock icon in the middle. Each press of a number makes a beeping sound, and when you press the unlock icon you will hear the gears unlocking. Pull the face of the keybox towards you to open it.

Having trouble? Here are a few tips

Identifying the Flip keybox

The Flip keybox is oval shaped with numbers around a lock icon. Here's a photo.

Accessing your code

You can find your code on your application on Flip. If you haven't verified your account yet, your code will not be displayed. Read more about why we do this here.

Entering your code

To enter your code, press each number, and then press the middle lock icon. Each time you press a number, the keybox makes a low beep. When you press the middle icon, you will hear the lock unlocking, and you can open it by pulling the face of the lock towards you.

The code is working, but the keybox doesn't open

If you hear the lock unlocking, the keys might be blocking it from unlocking properly. To fix this, press the back and the face of the keybox against each other to hold it shut. Then, re-enter your code and press the lock icon. You will hear the lock unlocking and you’ll be able to open it by pulling the face of the lock towards you.

The code is not working

If you enter your code and the keybox makes an error sound (three quick beeps), your code is not recognized. First, make sure that you’re visiting during your scheduled time. If you’re early, please wait until your slot begins. If you’re late, schedule a new time in the app to get a new code. If you’re sure you’re there at the right time and your code is not being recognized, please reach out to support.

The keybox is not responding

If you enter an unrecognized code several times in a row, the keybox will go into security mode. Please wait 5 minutes without pressing any numbers, and then try your code again following the steps above. If that doesn't solve it, please reach out to support.

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