What are Flip applications?

Selecting the right tenant is one of the most harrowing parts of being a landlord. Flip Applications was built to take care of the entire process, making it quicker and easier to accept a new tenant no matter where they come from.


Set requirements once: Use our suggested set of requirements for a new tenant or setup your own.

Only hear from qualified applicants: Leads are checked to make sure they will the requirements before you see inquiries or requests from them.

Even viewers are vetted: Prospects must verify their identities before getting access for a viewing.


Income verification: Job titles, freelancer contracts and monthly salaries are confirmed with employers or payroll providers.

Credit checks: Designed specifically for tenant screening, provided by Transunion

Background checks Criminal and eviction history checks

Rent payment history: Percent of previous rent payments that were on-time, plus verification of previous landlord references.


Auto-forward applications: Your suggested applicant is sent to owners partners, roommates and property managers for their approval.

Landlord approval: Our team follows up with the landlord until the replacement tenant is approved - built for leaseholders leaving early.


Alerts if tenant status changes: Passive detection of changes in income that may increase the chances of late or unpaid rent.

To add applications to your listing, get in touch.

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