What happens if my renter stops paying during the lease?

Here's what to expect if your renter stops paying rent during their lease.

1. Try to contact your renter

First, use Flip to get in touch with your renter. They may only be a few days late or may have forgotten to pay.

2. Make a security deposit claim

You can file a claim to receive your renter's entire security deposit from your Listing Dashboard.

3. Contact Flip Support

Let us know that you're running into trouble with your renter. Our team can adjust your lease dates on Flip so you can sign a new lease with another renter. If your renter qualified for our Rent Guarantee, we'll keep paying their rent for up to two months.

4. Eviction proceedings

In the event your renter stops paying and refuses to move-out, you may need to follow your state's eviction process.

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