What is the Flip Listing Guarantee?

The Flip Listing Guarantee is intended to protect renters against scams, flaky listers, and listings that are seriously misrepresented.

How To Qualify

  • Signed lease on Flip. Use Flip to apply for a listing and sign your lease.
  • On-platform payments. Make sure you use Flip to process any applicable security deposit, upfront rent, and monthly rent payments.
  • Contact Us Immediately. You have 24 hours from the time your lease starts to make a claim.

How To Make A Claim

Application Issue

If you are prevented from moving in because your application did not pass your lister's screening process or a property manager/landlord's screening process, please contact us to request a refund.

Start of a Lease

When you move-in, do a full walkthrough of the space. If there are any issues, work with your lister to see if they can be resolved. If your lister is not physically with you on move-in day, send them a message via the Flip website or app.

If the issue remains unresolved, please contact us within 24 hours of the start of your lease. We’ll kick off an investigation and can refund security deposits and rent payments if needed.

During a Lease

If there is a problem with your apartment that you discover after the first day, contact your lister as soon as possible via Flip. If your lister is unable to resolve the problem or is not responding, please contact our support team.

Additional Terms

For full details, please read the Renter Refund Policy section of our Terms of Service.

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