What is the Leaseholder plan?

Not to brag, but we know a lot about breaking a lease. We've helped tons of listers do it (read some reviews they've written us) and worked with many landlords on the other side of the equation. The features we've included in the Leaseholder plan are all there for a reason: this is what you need to get out of your lease easily, without paying a big fee.

You may have some questions....

Will my listing get more visibility than Lite listings?

Yes. On Flip, the most responsive listings float to the top of search. Since your listing doesn’t require back-and-forth messaging it will have a higher responsiveness score and will always be closer to the top. Your listing will also be syndicated to other websites and throughout networks of local brokerages that Flip has relationships with (depending on your location).

Can I get this plan if I’ve already left my place?

Yes. You can tell us about your lease from anywhere you would like and you’re welcome to add a video tour to your listing if you would like. We have found that listings that allow in-person tours do much better than listings with video tours, so we strongly recommend you setup viewings as well.

The entire process of marketing, selecting a tenant and getting them approved by management is up to us.

Can I get this plan if I'm transferring my lease instead of subletting?

Sure, but the landlord approval feature isn't available for rental units that don't allow sublets. The assignment process is a lot more complicated, which is why we can't support it. More here.

How can I setup my keybox if I’m already out of town?

We have tried to do this in a few different ways and the method that we’ve found works best is to hire a Taskrabbit (or anyone that can complete a simple task in the span of about an hour) to setup the keybox for you.

  • Ask us to send the keybox somewhere that can be accessed by a third party helper. This could be your building's mailroom if you can grant access remotely, or else a nearby Amazon storage locker.
  • Send the key to the same place
  • Hire a tasker to pick up both, put one inside the other and hang it on your door. Instructions for Taskrabbits helping Flip listers can be found here.

Can I share my listing with friends or on other websites?

You’re welcome to do that but we ask that you keep it to Craigslist, Facebook and group chats, which are the only places we won’t post.

How do you coordinate with my landlord?

If you haven't yet brought up your departure to your landlord and you aren't sure what they'll say, it's almost always better to let us do the talking. We've gotten lots of sublets and lease takeovers approved by all different types of landlords, and we know just how to make things move fast.

Once you've added their contact information and any forms you have handy, our team will review your lease and reach out to your landlord to make sure they are okay with your apartment being marketed by Flip. Don't worry, we'll always keep you on copy.

Do you guarantee that my landlord will accept the replacement?

Yes. Flip takes full responsibility for selecting a replacement tenant that will meet your landlord’s expectations and getting that tenant approved in a timely manner. This requires us to be in touch with them initially to let them know we are marketing the unit and then once we’ve chosen the best renter. Trust us - you’ll be happy this isn’t on your plate…getting fast landlord approval can sometimes require multiple calls a day!

Do I get a refund if no one applies after a month?

Our work begins once you’ve finished providing us with all the details we need about your lease. That will trigger the marketing part of our platform to get to work:

  • A keybox will get shipped to you
  • Your listing will be reviewed to look for ways we can improve it
  • Partner websites will start advertising your listing

Someone on our team may also check in with your landlord to let them know we're marketing the unit, if we decide that that should happen.

All that is to say that once you've finished adding unit details you're no longer eligible for a refund for the current month. You can cancel whenever you'd like and you won't be charged on the next billing cycle.

So I can cancel whenever I’d like?

Yes. If you decide you’d prefer to market and show the place yourself or that you don’t want to leave after all, then you’re welcome to cancel your plan. We make it super easy to cancel and get your keybox back to us: just put it inside of the pre-paid return packaging we sent you.

To cancel your plan, follow these instructions.

Am I still responsible for paying my rent?

Yes - until we've gotten someone else paying the rent. At that point they're responsible for it, not you. If they leave suddenly, we're in charge relisting and marketing your unit

How and when do I get my security deposit back?

You'll receive your security deposit back from your landlord at the end of your master lease.

We'll send you a guide explaining how to document the state of your apartment before you leave. If your landlord withholds part of your deposit and it's due to damage that occurred after you moved out, Flip will cover the difference.

Tell me things about the laws in my state!

Still reading? Maybe you also have some legal questions - we've got you covered there, too:

  • Can breaking a lease affect my credit? Yes if the debt you owe gets turned over to a collection agency, but your biggest concern should be the prospect of your name showing up in housing court: this goes into a database that landlords really care about. More here.

  • Can my landlord refuse to accept a replacement tenant? Very unlikely, because of a law called "duty to mitigate damages," they're most likely legally bound to review and accept your tenant. More here.

  • Can I break my lease because of COVID-19? No. The process is the same as in normal times. More here.

More questions? Drop us a line - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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